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 Tactics for Lines

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PostSubject: Tactics for Lines   Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:09 pm

Since NZT and HAG will be limited to only 1 in the upcoming season, here are strategies/tactics you can use!

Even Strength tactics:
Passing plays: reliable for your offensive guys, this is the most basic strategy.
Run &Gun: this simply does not work well at all. You may get some goals from a line of all 90's oa players with this, but they will allow more than they score.
Dump & Chase: Primarily a 4th line tactic with fast skaters who's abilities are limited.
Hit & Grind: The true essence of hockey, there is also a bug in the game that makes this the "super tactic" in most cases.A lot of online leagues have rules against allowing this to be used too much, if your league does not have such a rule, I suggest using it lots!
Neutral Zone Trap: This is a great strategy for a 3rd line with great defensive forwards. I am a strong believer that every team needs one of these lines to succeed.

Power play tactics:
-Shooting:this is the basic setting, like passing plays on the regular lines, but it emphasizes more in the attacking zone, not the whole rink.
-Screen & Shoot:Got a big C? A Dman with a hard shot? This is your setting.
-Passing Plays:Know how teams sit there and cycle the puck back and forth looking for an opening? This is it.
-Crash The Net:This was always my favorite in ea games, lol, (did I just refer to crappy ea games?-slaps for me) Anyway, in EHM it is a bit more of a gamble, this is great if your line is huge and you have 2 Dmen on the point.
-Shot from the point:Advice? Don't bother.

Penalty kill tactics:
-Aggressive:If you have a hardon for giving up goals but getting some as well, here you go.
-Loose Box:Something I affectionately refer to as "loose cannon", this will shut down any passing plays strategy on the PP, but that's about it.
-Passive Box:Best PK setting there is, no question. It adjusts to all situations. This is my opinion.
-Small Box:This will clog the middle of the zone, anyone trying to crash your net or screen & shoot won't have much success.
-Tight Box:If there is any difference between this and Small Box, I do not see it. Anyone using passing plays against this will rip you a new one.
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Tactics for Lines
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